BFA Biff Film Academy

Undergraduate programs

BFA Undergraduate

Courses open to students
who aspire to Film Production
and Acting
Providing opportunities for convergence and communication between mutual specialties
Organized to understand the film from various angles
License grant through intensive training for each major track
Multiple tracks can be selected : Shooting, lighting, sound, media acting, etc.
Classes are held in which students
and professional filmmakers discuss from planning to production together.
Provide opportunities
to participate in BIFF
1st year

Liberal Arts

  • Cultivation of humanities literacy
  • Introduction to major
  • Major search
2nd year

Major Basics

  • Studying the basics of storytelling
  • Enhancing image composition ability
  • Major selection and study
    (Film Production / Acting)
3rd year

Intensive Major1

  • [Intensive education] Strengthening competency by major
  • Producing Workshop Artwork
  • Film Production track license certification test
4th year

Intensive Major2

  • Granting major license
  • Producing graduation works
  • After the common courses in the first year, each student conducts individual interview (aptitude and language), and can choose a major according to the interview result (Film production / Acting)
  • Film Production : 2nd semester of 2nd year, technology track selection → in-depth study (directing/production/shooting lighting/sound/media acting, etc.)